Symptoms in humans

What are the symptoms of avian influenza in humans? What are the means of fighting a possible pandemic? ... Discover all the answers in our animation.

Protection measures in the event of a pandemic

The virus is transmitted only by contact with infected animals or via the droppings or other secretions of these animals. It can be assumed that these infections affect the most vulnerable people in priority.

Anti-pandemic weapons

Although no formal ban has been put forward by the health authorities, it is recommended to avoid contact with poultry in the areas affected by the epizootic. In the event of a pandemic, travel and large gatherings will be very quickly restricted in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

The protective masks were stored in great numbers by the health authorities. In the event of a pandemic, they should limit the spread of the virus through airway secretions or saliva.

In the event of a pandemic, scrupulous hygiene through regular hand washing with soap for at least 30 seconds is essential to limit the spread of the virus (especially before meals, after each sneezing and after each contact with a patient ). It is essential to cover your mouth and nose every time you cough or sneeze. It is recommended to use disposable handkerchiefs that will be disposed of in a garbage can.

In the stomach, acidity would destroy the virus. Nevertheless, for the more anxious, some simple measures can reassure

One distinguishes 2 classes of antiviral drugs

Currently, many laboratories are testing vaccines manufactured from the H5N1 strain. This vaccine against the avian virus would be effective only if the new virus is close to the currently known pandemic (H5 / N1) virus. The truly effective vaccine can only be produced when the strain of the virus responsible for the human pandemic is known and isolated. The lead time would be several months (4 to 6 according to experts).

Cook the meat (the virus does not survive at temperatures above 70 ° C). Do not eat raw eggs (especially gobo) and avoid preparations such as mayonnaise, béarnaise sauce, chocolate mousse, Rice pudding, tiramisu ... In your desserts containing eggs (meringue, tarts, custard ...) make sure to cook the preparations well, and do not taste the preparation before cooking! >

Relenza and Tamiflu (neuraminidase inhibitors) reduce the intensity and duration of symptoms if administered within 48 hours of onset of symptoms. These drugs also have a preventive action against influenza infection: Amantadine and Rimantadine (inhibitors of the M2 viral protein) are active against influenza A viruses but have poor renal, hepatic and neurologic tolerance . In addition, resistances quickly appear