This medicine contains magnesium.

It is indicated for disorders related to magnesium deficiency especially in adults over 15 years of age. This medicine also contains calcium, zinc and vitamins B and C.

The association of a number of the following symptoms may evoke a deficiency of magnesium

Nervousness, irritability, anxiety, mild emotion, fatigue, passing, minor sleep disturbances

· Manifestations of anxiety, such as spasms, digestive or palpitations (healthy heart).

· Muscle cramps, tingling.

The intake of magnesium may improve these symptoms.

In the absence of improvement of these symptoms at the end of a month of treatment, it is not useful to continue it.
Oral use.

1 to 2 tablets per day, dissolved in a glass of water

The usual duration of treatment is 1 month.


(A: digestive system and metabolism)

Association of magnesium, calcium, zinc and water-soluble vitamins

Magnesium is a cation, mostly intracellular. It decreases the excitability, neuronal and neuromuscular transmission, and intervenes in many enzymatic reactions.

Calcium is important not only for the development of bones and teeth but also for the whole metabolism and for the functional integrity of the nerves and muscles. >

Zinc is a trace element that is important in the body and acts as a catalytic component in more than 200 enzymes and as a natural constituent of many proteins, hormones, neuropeptides and hormone receptors. Zinc is, inter alia, directly associated with the synthesis of coenzymes, derivatives of vitamin B 6.

The water-soluble vitamins of group B and vitamin C are complementary in their functions at the level of cellular metabolism.

Not applicable.

· Association with levodopa (see section Interactions with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction)

· Severe renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance