Symptomatic treatment of pain, mild to moderate and / or febrile conditions

Mode of administration

Oral use

The tablets should be swallowed as is, with a large glass of water.

RESERVED FOR THE ADULT AND CHILD MORE THAN 50 kg (from 15 years) due to the presence of caffeine

The usual dosage is: 1 tablet, to be renewed in case of need after 4 hours minimum.

In case of severe pain or fever, 2 tablets, to be renewed if necessary, after 4 hours minimum

It is generally not necessary to exceed 3 g of paracetamol and 300 mg of caffeine per day, ie 6 tablets per day.
However, in case of more intense pain, the maximum dosage may be increased, up to 4 grams per day or 8 tablets per day.
Always respect an interval of 4 hours between the catches.

Recommended maximum dose: see section 4.4 Warnings and Precautions for Use.
Frequency of administration

Systematic catch can prevent oscillations of pain and / or fever

In adults, they must be spaced at least 4 hours apart.

Due to the presence of caffeine, avoid any taking at the end of the day.

Renal insufficiency

In cases of severe renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance less than 10 ml / min), the interval between doses should be increased to a minimum of 8 hours. The dose of paracetamol should not exceed 3 g per day, ie 6 tablets.

Processing time

The duration of treatment is limited to 3 days in case of fever and 5 days in case of pain

The lowest effective daily dose should be considered, not to exceed 60 mg / kg / day (not to exceed 3 g / day) in the following situations Code>
· Adults under 50 kg

· Mild to moderate hepatocellular insufficiency

· Chronic alcoholism

· Chronic malnutrition

· Dehydration.

Absence of information in the AMM

Class: Pharmacotherapeutic: ANTALGIC, peripheral / ANTIPYRETIC, (N. System, central nervous)
Paracetamol, analgesic and antipyretic

Caffeine: central stimulant.

Not applicable.

This medication is contraindicated in case of

· Hypersensitivity to paracetamol, caffeine or other constituents

· Hepatocellular insufficiency

· Children under 15 years of age (related to caffeine).

Warnings, special

To avoid a risk of overdose

· Check the absence of paracetamol in the composition; other medicines

· Comply with the maximum recommended doses.

Recommended maximum doses

The total dosage of PARACETAMOL MUST NOT EXCEED 4 GRAMS PER DAY (see Overdose) in adults and children over 50 kg (from 15 years).

Precautions for use

This medicine contains lactose and is not recommended for use in patients with galactose intolerance, Lapp lactase deficiency or malabsorption syndrome, glucose or galactose (hereditary or rare diseases). Br>

Due to the presence of caffeine, this drug may cause insomnia, it should not be taken at the end of the day.
Paracetamol should be used with caution in case of

· Weight

As a result

If it is necessary to take this medicinal product, it is advisable not to exceed this dose, including dietary intake, while taking the catch at the maximum

· The drug will be taken immediately after breastfeeding.

Related to paracetamol

A few cases of hypersensitivity reactions such as anaphylactic shock, angioedema, erythema, urticaria, skin rash have been reported. Their occurrence requires the definitive discontinuation of this medicinal product and related medicinal products.

Related to caffeine

· Possibility of excitation, insomnia and palpitations.

Symptomatic treatment of pain, mild to moderate and / or febrile conditions