Sweeping, coloring and wicks

To change your head or just to boost the luster of your hair, you want to try sweeping experience? Even if one speaks less and less of sweeping and more lighting, here are the few tips to know before starting ... in salon of preference!

The scan for who and what color?

Scanning is a technique that lightly lighten a color and give it reflections. As Valerie Ganci, technical trainer at Franck Provost, explains: "the term" sweeping "is a name that is a bit outdated. Today, we are talking more about a play of lights, a game of contrasts. Because it is indeed these small shades that make all the difference.

Maintain my scan

With scanning, everything is in contrast. Where the color changes the color of the hair uniformly, the sweep results in a more melted, much more natural result. It is closer to the locks, which give a more definite result. "The change is much more visual with wicks." With sweeping, one will get a softer effect, it is the natural that is first and foremost. "

Scanning, latest things to know

As for colorations, there are scanning kits to be made at home. But Valerie Ganci strongly discourages them: "It is a very precise technique and very meticulous. The risk is to have yellow spots on the hair and a result far from natural. And it will then be difficult to catch up in the living room what has been missed at home!

Practical information

With few exceptions, sweeping is suitable for all hair types. "Of course, if we have straightened hair and thus already sensitized one will proceed smoothly and perhaps by stage" warns the pro. Just as you will avoid sweeping on the cups. A minimum of 5 cm in length is required if the stain effect is to be avoided.

On the color side, the ideal is to stay in something natural, to clear two tones: "The brown ones will go for example to a chocolate brown, but not more". Beyond that, the result will be too marked and the illusion effect sought with the scan will no longer make sense.

If one searches first with the scanning a natural result, its process is not: "When a scan is made, one modifies the nature of the hair which is then slightly sensitized and the result is definitive." So if you are not satisfied, you will have no choice but to iron your head under the tray because you can not hope to see the color disappear with time. It will clear up at most.

And for those who are delighted with their color change, know that sweeping does not require any special maintenance. Shampoos, conditioners and facial hair masks, and you're done! These specific treatments will help the hair to keep its shine and its reflections. They will boost the color to the maximum. Finally, not to sensitize the capillary fiber, we wait at least three months before re-scanning.

- If you have done a coloration recently, no worries, you can start. On the other hand, if you are used to multiply the colorations, brushings, smoothing ... beware. The ideal thing is to talk with your hairdresser, tell him anything you've done "undergo" to your hair. He alone can tell you whether it is good or not to make a sweep that as a classic coloring will tend to sensitize the hair.

- On the other hand, if you have just done a permanent, smoothing or straightening, "it is better to make a good shampoo before going to the salon, to eliminate all residues of products on the surface of the hair fiber ", Advises the trainer Franck Provost.

As for stars, when we think sweeping and play of light we think of course Jennifer Aniston and her hair always at the top with golden reflections. "But there is not a single celebrity that does not sweep" assures Valerie Ganci. Like what with sweeping everything is in subtlety!

- 45-65 € for a classic sweep - 55-75 € for a specific sweep (2 Golds, Brown Cashmere, Venetian Amber) The difference in tariff is due to the type of sweeping on the one hand and the length of the hair On the other hand.