Week 17: Changes at Mom

During this 17th week, your uterus continues its development, which results in a belly a little more round ... Baby is agitated within the amniotic cavity where it multiplies the caprioles. Its sufficiently formed sex will be visible during the next ultrasound.

Week 17: the evolution of the fetus

Bizarre movements like bubbles or jerks? This is your baby, in full gym! Do not be afraid if you do not feel anything, the abdominals or fat that cover your stomach can mask these very discrete impressions.

The sex is now sufficiently trained so that it can be clearly seen in the next ultrasound. It remains to know if you want to know it or to reserve the surprise for the birth to you? Read more

Heavy legs and pregnancy

It is estimated that one woman in two is prescribed at least one medication during pregnancy. Some of them can disrupt embryonic development, they are said to be teratogenic. Read more

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Legs heavy and swollen, varicose veins ... Pregnancy is often accompanied by circulation disorders, usually benign but troublesome and sometimes painful. How to take care of your legs during pregnancy? What are the gestures that relieve? we gives an update on the measures to be taken and the treatments available Read more

How can you recognize yourself in the midst of all the advice you have been given since you are pregnant? You are quoted the "best" maternity, the "best" way of giving birth, the "best" book on pregnancy, the best physiotherapist, the "best" food ... And if you only listen to you • Read more

The Maternity we charts are available. Consult it quickly, it is the only one to take into account the opinion of moms. Indispensable to find the best maternity near you. Read more

Our genome consists of 23 pairs of chromosomes. Each of these pairs contains a chromosome from the father and a chromosome from the mother. It is the gametes (egg and spermatozoa) that each transmit half of the genetic heritage. How to know who Baby will look like? Read more

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