How many people in the United States are affected by hypertension?

Many misconceptions circulate about the influence of anxiety on tension. This is why the French Committee for the Fight against Hypertension has chosen "Hypertension and stress" as the theme of its 3rd national day. To find out more about this disease and its real causes, we interviewed Prof. Girerd, President of the CFLHTA.

Is hypertension a disease in its own right or a risk factor for cardiovascular disease?

Pr. Girerd: The French Committee for the Fight against Hypertension has launched a national survey with the help of SOFRES to estimate the prevalence of hypertension in the population over 35 years. This is the first update of epidemiological data on arterial hypertension in the general population for 10 years. It is estimated that 10 million hypertensive patients (whose tension is greater than 14/9), of which 7 million are under treatment. Age plays an important role since 4% of the under-45s are cared for compared with 55% of the over-75s.

What are the risk factors for high blood pressure?

Prof. Girerd: It's a specialist debate. For patients and doctors, hypertension is a true disease, for which there are specific treatments and treatments. Epidemiologists may still consider hypertension as a risk factor for cardiovascular complications.

Why did you choose Stress and HTA as the theme for the 3rd National Hypertension Day?

Pr. Girerd: With age, the tissues that constitute the wall of the arteries lose their elasticity and become rigid. The normal aging of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) is the cause of an increase in systolic blood pressure. Weight gain is another cause of arterial hypertension, as evidenced by a recent publication in the scientific journal Lancet 1.

What are these messages?

There are also other factors, such as family predisposition, where the guilty gene (s) can not be clearly identified except for a few very rare diseases related to the abnormality of one Single gene (monogenic arterial hypertension).

Pr. Girerd: This theme has been praised by patients in previous investigations. The relationships between stress and hypertension are the subject of various ideas. For some, stress is responsible for their hypertension. For others, high blood pressure is responsible for their anxiety. To shed light on the links between stress and hypertension, we brought together doctors and experts who took stock of current knowledge. A few clear messages have been issued for hypertensive and stressed patients.

Pr. Girerd: There are three essential points to be taken into account:

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Stress can cause a transient increase in blood pressure, punctual and reversible. Stress is not a consequence of high blood pressure, nor the opposite: And especially if you are hypertensive, take your treatment every day, never interrupt it from your Own initiative. Even if you feel protected from any stress, do not stop your treatment or you will constantly see the return of hypertension. It is therefore necessary to both manage his stress and treat his hypertension.