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Dry, semi-arid steppe.

Risk to travelers

Azeri manat

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The visitor to Azerbaijan must be in possession of a visa, which may be issued by the Azeri immigration authorities upon arrival at Baku airport, where a consular office has been opened recently Night, officials not always friendly). In the latter case, it is necessary to provide a photo ID, invitation of the person inviting, and the sum of 40 USD. The maximum validity of the visa thus issued will be one month, one entry. This visa may subsequently be extended, but it is much better to have a visa before leaving, by contacting the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Paris.

French representation on site

NB: The provision allowing foreigners with a visa for one of the three South Caucasian states (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) to travel to the other two countries in transit for a maximum of three days was Which was repealed in 2000. Similarly, since that date, private vehicles of foreigners registered in Azerbaijan can no longer in principle cross the Azerbaijani-Georgian border.

NB: It is strongly forbidden for anyone traveling to Azerbaijan to report to the Air and Border Police of that country with a "Visa" from Nagorno-Karabakh. The authorities of Stepanakert having decided to impose an entry visa on all foreign visitors, the Azerbaijani authorities have decided to prohibit access to their territory to any foreigner with such a visa. Also, if necessary, to carry out his immediate arrest for "unlawful entry" in Azerbaijan.


Group 1 countries: Preventative treatment based on chloroquine required, consult your doctor.




Since water is not drinkable in Azerbaijan, the consumption of non-decapsulated bottled water is imperative, including the washing of tobacco, brushing of teeth, cleaning of fruits and vegetables.

Risk of malaria in swampy areas and in refugee camps. No malaria in Baku. The foreign medical agencies are well equipped in Baku and provide all necessary medicines, but they are expensive (no less than USD 50 consultation).

Cases of anthrax (anthrax) have recently been reported. Many cases of "tourista" or gastroenteritis reported to foreigners.

A certificate of non-seropositivity may be legally demanded of foreigners by local authorities. Significant recrudescence of M.S.T.

The reliability of health checks on meat and fresh produce can be questioned. The consumption of preserves must be prudent (check the expiry date). The cold chain is not always respected, especially during the summer.

Hospital services, in principle free of charge, are ill-equipped. Given the lack of effective vaccines on the market, vaccinations must be made before departure. Poor prison health conditions: a resistant tuberculosis epidemic in prisons.

Embassy of Azerbaijan in the United States