Better to prevent

For a long time, asthma was defined by the occurrence of crises deemed unavoidable. Today, advances in treatment and therapeutic education of the patient suggest a future without a crisis. From prevention to crisis, find out how to better live your asthma on a daily basis.

Controlling your asthma

Inhalation of an allergenic substance, a viral or chemical particle or even a physical or even psychological factor may be at the origin of an asthma attack. Each patient should know the triggers to avoid contact with them and improve their management. Review of details (not exhaustive) of the enemies of your bronchi.

In the face of the asthma crisis

Living in fear of the next asthma attack is no longer inevitable. Even if it is difficult to promise a life without crisis to all the patients, we know today how to prevent them and avoid the greatest number. Free yourself from the sword of Damocles that weighs on your everyday life.

Focus on severe asthma

Asthma attacks are responsible for approximately 200,000 emergency room visits and 100,000 hospitalizations each year in the United States. Despite the effectiveness of drugs, there are still nearly 2,000 deaths per year. Know how to avoid complications!

Permanent attacks, occurring day and night, limited physical activity ... permanent severe asthma affects 10% of asthmatics. These severe forms are the cause of hospitalizations, emergency consultations ... But doctors now have new weapons capable of better controlling the disease.

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