Self Tanning: Finding your shade

And yes, the sun barely points its nose that already the gambettes unveil. Only here, fashion is still not legs whiter than white. So, to unveil pretty naturally tanned legs, let yourself "tincture" by self-tanning. And with our clever advice, the risk zero defect becomes an absolute truth!

Self Tanning: The face

Is it easy to apply your self-tanner to an impossible task? Do not be afraid ! Sophie Talhouarn, trainer for the Esthederm Institute, reveals her pro tips and tricks. To you the bronzed complexion without any trace!

Self Tanning: Body

As Sophie Talhouarn explains, "most of the self-tanning products have a progressive tannin (less DHA) or an intense tan, and you prefer the first one if you have very light skin or if you are not used to self-tanning, Is less intense, the color is lighter, and the intense tannins are used for regulars or skins that are more dull, because contrary to popular belief, matt skins can also be self-tanning. The shine, a real blow to their complexion. "

In the event of a failure

Finally, the clear skins will opt rather for self-tanner in milk or cream because these skins are more fragile and the gels or sprays "risk in the medium term to lead to dehydration" explains Sophie. These formats are reserved for naturally dull skins more suited to these skin types, "who drink less the product and prefer lighter textures."

Our self-tanning shopping

First, let us reassure ourselves: that one applies his self-tanner on the face or the whole body, the gestures are the same. Most important as the announcement from the start Sophie: "It is necessary to massage to penetrate its care If one masses, one has no trace." The secret of a self-tanner well applied is the massage! " . A zero-defect application therefore passes through a massage, a work with hands well flat that avoids any risk of traces.

Of course, "do not forget to wash your hands right after the application and" we do not forget to brush under the nails "continues Sophie. Other advice: one brushes the eyebrows with a special comb to remove the And finally, with the corner of a towel, one thinks to "clean the periphery of the hair, especially if one is blonde", otherwise hello the coloring of the roots!

When working his face, do not forget the ears. But there, to avoid any risk of overloading, one ears his ears with the remainder of product that one has on the fingers and one does not forget the neck or the back of the ears. And if one wants to avoid doubtful demarcations at the level of the neck, one works well the flat hands on the beginning of the décolleté with surplus of product.

Sophie's tip: "The area around the eye is a naturally clearer area, so to keep this natural side, before spreading your self-tanner, apply a contour cream of the eye. Cerne either of the same skin tone as the skin and to you the hyper natural result! "

The pre-application gestures: a scrub a week, a week before, followed by a nutritive mask to refine and standardize the complexion. The self-tanner will only be brighter.

For those who have chosen an intense self-tanner and are afraid to leave traces, Sophie recommends to use a washcloth slightly moistened and saturated with product. "Of course, we use a little more product this way, but we ensure a light result, without risk of accident." And again, we think about massaging the whole body with wrapping gestures.

To do before applying its self-tanning: "One week before, one carries out 2 to 3 scrubs on the whole body and one hydrates it to the daily.To achieve a successful result, hydration is paramount, Soften and smooth the skin ". And Sophie constantly insists on the importance of massage during the application: "It is really necessary to take the trouble to make penetrate its self-tanner by massaging. It is only in this way that one Gets a beautiful result. "

To avoid absolutely: "Tap the product by making small touches like a Dalmatian and then spread it out." No, you really have to have enveloping gestures. "

Despite our advice, if you still have traces, only a scrub and a good dose of hydration will help to attenuate the failures. The moisturizing / gumming mask ritual is to be repeated all three. But above all, do not try to "scrub your skin" using aggressive scrub or rubbing too hard. "You risk inflammation".

Finally, for those who for the sake of economy would like to use their self-tanning body on the face, it is worth remembering that body products are not treated non-comedogenic. Their regular use on the face could leave a few buttons. But as Sophie points out: "If it's for once, it's okay, but it does not have to become a habit." A good advice for sun care and all body care in general.

L'Oréal: pearl effect

With a single gesture, wear beautiful legs wrapped in an ultra-natural golden veil, as if you had sunbathed. Your gambols are smooth and satin. If it is easy to remove with water and soap, Sublime Bronze will bring you a natural and lasting tan.

The good news? This treatment has no odor of self-tanning, on the contrary: it smells good holidays. The perfect care to give shine to legs a little palishonnes!

Sublime bronze - L'Oréal - 12,58 € (tube 150 ml)

Institut Esthederm: you have the choice

Institut Esthederm proposes two types of self-tanning: Reflections of Sun intense tan and progressive and light tan. In both cases, you have the radiant and resplendent face of vitality!

The good news? Self-tanning Reflections of Sun imitate the distribution of melanin pigments on the surface of the skin to recreate a natural-colored tan.

Gelée self-tanning intense body - Institut Esthederm - 35 € (pump bottle 150 ml)

Guinot: radiant face

Guinot Summer Face Self-Tanning has a melting and moisturizing texture that will give you a beautiful, sunny look. Far from the orange effect of some self-tanning products, it will embellish you naturally.

The good news? Its tinted texture makes it possible to see where you have already applied the care, no risk of forgetting or overloading!

Face of summer - Guinot - 28 € (tube 50 ml)

Available in Guinot institutes

Clinic: Sensitive skin

The delicate skins are also entitled to their self-tanning with this progressive tinted Clinique, fragrance-free.

The good news? It gradually colors your skin for a completely uniform and natural result. Plus: it's tinted and so you see where you apply it. Thus, no risk of failure.

Gel-tinted cream for the body - Clinique - 23 € (tube 125 ml)

Thanks to Sophie Talhouarn of Institut Esthederm for her advice