Some associations offer advice, services and actions that meet the expectations of people with sleep disorders or those around them.

Sleep and Health Association

Missions: inform the public about the existence and especially the severity of sleep disorders, but also the possibility of treating them and even curing them. Relay the work of sleep centers or laboratories to general practitioners, occupational physicians, school doctors, and nurses. Obtain government recognition of the specificity of sleep disorders and the establishment of appropriate legislation. Organize meetings between people with sleep disorders to allow them to exchange experiences. To listen to our members thanks to our website and our telephone number to help them to find answers to their problems (information, explanations, addresses of specialists, ...), and in their relations with the social security And administration.

Address: BP 28, 92362 Meudon La ForĂȘt Cedex, the United States, Fax: 02 762 89 36 Internet: E-mail:

Sleep, Alertness, Security 81

Missions: the aim of this association is to develop reflections, studies and actions concerning all the problems associated with an alteration of vigilance and / or sleep in professional and outside the workplace. , The Bon Sauveur Foundation, BP 94, 81003 ALBI-cedex, the United States, Tel: 05 63 48 48 99, Internet: < Code>
Association Against Daylight Saving Time (ACHE)

Missions: this association aims to obtain the repeal of the decree instituting summer time in the United States. She mentions every year in the media and in the public authorities the disruption, due to summer time, of the biological rhythms in children and the elderly, the disadvantages for agriculture and the open-air trades. It also stresses the increase in summer air pollution, peaks in circulation coinciding with maximum sunshine; provision of documentation on the adverse effects of jet lag (website). >

Address: 14, av. Of Saint-Germain 78160 Marly-le-Roi Tel: 01 39 58 70 72 E-mail: Internet:

French association of narcolepsy cataplexy and hypersomnia (ANC)

Missions: The ANC groups mainly people with narcolepsy-cataplexy and incidentally persons affected by this disease, professionally or family-oriented, with

Its action consists of the publication of a newspaper ("Paradoxically yours"), the publication of information on this pathology on the Internet site, the organization of young (patient) weekends.

Address: Sartre de Mallet 07110 LABOULE Tel: Fax: 04 75 88 97.31 E-mail: nternet: Paradoxal

To inform all aspects of narcolepsy - cataplexy, To help in the development of their social conditions the people who have it, To promote the research of the causes and the therapeutics of the disease.