The amuse-gueule: fun fleeting, tenacious pounds …

With the sunny days, invitations for aperitifs multiply. Yet, this is not the time to take pounds! we offers you some tips to avoid mistakes and make your own light appetizers.

It's not for you to drink!

The aperitif is a very French tradition. If it is often pleasant to gather around a drink and some appetizers, the nutritional interest of this "nibbling in meeting" is low ... Because the main contribution of the aperitif, these are calories!

During an aperitif, you are traditionally offered appetizers and other sweets. Often, you have the choice between pistachios, peanuts, cashew nuts ... Now these seeds are to be avoided absolutely! They are among the most caloric foods!

Similarly for crisps and other biscuits that will bring a large amount of salt, ingredient accused of many ailments ... The problem is that this type of food swallows without even thinking about it ...
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599.4 Kcal

Cashew nuts

597.4 Kcal

Roasted Salted Peanuts

596.1 Kcal

Salted almonds

575 Kcal


516.6 Kcal

Salty biscuits (including cheese)

476 Kcal

Mixture of dried fruit

378.2 Kcal

Minis sausages

308 Kcal

Cheese cube appetizer

283.6 Kcal


205.4 Kcal

Have you decided to invite some friends to take an aperitif? Why not offer them a version with "light" appetizers? But be careful, that does not mean bland! Include an assortment of vegetable slices and dices, accompanied by a 0% white cheese sauce to which you will have added lemon juice, pepper and chives.

Of course, an aperitif includes ... drinks aperitifs. Again, the calories are there. Not to mention the harmful effects of alcohol, which must in any case be consumed in moderation. The golden rule: no more than two glasses of alcohol, then go to water or fruit juices.

In all cases, prefer the least alcoholic beverages, which usually contain fewer calories.



Aperitif anise

266.5 Kcal

Kir - Kir royal

108.6 Kcal

Whiskey - bourbon

245.4 Kcal

Cooked wine

149.8 Kcal


75.4 Kcal

Calvados - Cognac - Armagnac

252.4 Kcal

If you are organizing an aperitif, please suggest vegetable or fruit juices, possibly with non-alcoholic beer and sodas lights.

Tomato or other vegetable juice

Non-alcoholic beer

Sodas lights


Aperitif without alcohol

Good appetizer!

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