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    Treat my young skin - Skins Young - Doctisismo

    Treat my skin in three steps

    As young people know, in adolescence it is difficult to escape from pimples, blackheads and oily skin. However, it is possible to mitigate the effects of acne by adopting simple hygiene on a daily basis. Add to this a few gestures of common sense and you will see your skins problems go away.

    Acne: Pitfalls to avoid

    Young skins should be cleaned thoroughly to remove all impurities. But the toilet should also be considered as a privileged moment, the opportunity to take care of oneself, to pamper oneself, to briefly cleanse one's skin can become a real pleasure.

    Tips for Beautiful Skin

    When one suffers from acne, the first thing is to have an irreproachable hygiene. But unnecessary to constantly wash the skin. Moreover, cleaning your face too often can result in aggravating your skin problems. No, cleaning twice a day, adopting good gestures and good products, is enough Gesture No. 1: Clean. The skin is weighed down by the excess of sebum, so it is necessary to free it from all these small trash, cleaning it morning and evening. This first step, will get rid of too much sebum, but also accumulation of pollution and makeup. For this, choose soft care products hypoallergenic without soap that will not attack your epidermis Gesture n ° 2: Exfoliate. When one suffers from acne, washing his face twice a day is not enough to unclog his pores. It should be exfoliated (once a week) to decongest the pores and remove layers of dead cells that accumulate. Think of exfoliating your face after the shower, because with the heat the pores have expanded and they are easier to purify. In addition to deep cleansing, pores, exfoliation will refine your skin texture and revive your glow. But beware, here again flee the detergents and too abrasive products. Prefer mild exfoliants. Remember that your skin already suffers from lesions and pimples, that is why you must imperatively choose sweet exfoliants, special young skins or sensitive skin Gesture 3: Treat. After cleansing your skin, it is important to give it a healing care. In case of stigma or marks, this care will be very useful to you. Some gels are very effective to dry out your pimples and make them disappear faster. But to find the right gel and the right care, it is necessary above all to determine your type of skin and your type of acne. Your dermatologist or pharmacist will be your best adviser.

    - Do not use alcohol-based products. They are no more effective at cleansing your skin and are on the contrary very aggressive. They may even speed up the production of sebum at full throttle during adolescence.- There is no need to wash your face too often. Again, you risk attacking it, dehydrating it and weakening the balance of your epidermis - Stop smoking. If tobacco is harmful to your health, it is also harmful to your skin. It is an additional stressor that can aggravate your acne.

    - Contrary to the ideas, received even if you suffer from acne you can make up. But be careful no matter how. It is important not to choke your skin with foundations that are too greasy, unadapted and sometimes comedogenic. No, if you want to wear makeup to camouflage a little acne lesions, opt for fluid foundations, hypoallergenic and mattifying that absorbs excess sebum.- Make-up every night. Because even if you use a non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic foundation, you must let your skin breathe at night. Make-up removal is a healthy gesture, essential for your skin - Do not trit your pimples. Even if the envy is sometimes very strong, forget them. Because if your hands are not clean, you risk to over-infect them and especially to make you indelible scars.

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    Re: Treat my young skin - Skins Young - Doctisismo

    \e the result after use?
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