Adolescence, the dawn of adulthood

You are no longer a child and you no longer accept to be treated as a child. And yet! Adults continue not to take you seriously and you do not like it. So you send everything around, even if you do not think half of what you say. You became irascible. Around you, we speak of a crisis of adolescence, which annoys you prodigiously.

A calendar that varies

So what's going on? You turn your back on childhood and the principles you have patiently inculcated. You want to choose your own way of life. But this independence you discover, you do not know yet where it will lead you!

Growth: agree with its new body

And as if all this was not complicated enough, now, under the influence of sex hormones produced by your body, the appearance of your body changes. Your boy's cheeks are no longer so smooth, and in the morning you have to shave. Under your girl's shirt point small buttons and you add to your wardrobe a new accessory, the bra. In short, this is puberty: at the end of this mutation, your body will become adult.

Not everyone is equal before puberty. Transformations take place over several years, on average between two and five years. There is no official date to begin to grow and transform. Girls are generally more precocious than boys: their training can begin around ten and a half years, sometimes before, but some wait until fourteen years before their breasts appear! Boys, on average, wait until the age of thirteen to begin to have a beard.

Puberty means growth: within a few months your body will grow, sometimes grow, and you will not know how to dress or even how to hold yourself. Slumped on a chair, or head down for fear of banging you in the ceiling, you will hesitate to look at yourself in the mirror, unless, on the contrary, you like your new look so much that you no longer leave your mirror.

Do not worry: you will soon become acclimatized to your new skin, you will learn to maintain it with the appropriate physical activities and an appropriate lifestyle. And soon, girl or boy, you will know how to use it to seduce!