Understanding is freeing yourself!

Some situations seem inextricable, until a click arises and with him the solutions to get out. This sudden awareness makes it possible to initiate transformations in its existence. Marthe Marandola, trainer, investigated this phenomenon, its origin and the steps to achieve it.

Snap Shapes Are Unexpected

Life is not a long quiet river. Feeling stuck in an almost unbearable situation is common. Whether it is unsatisfactory work, chronic infidelities of the spouse ... When the cup is full, to try to get out is quite legitimate. But finding a favorable outcome is not always self-evident ... Until all of a sudden, a click arises, often when one does not expect it or more ... And there, a transformation can take place. Marthe Marandola, a trainer and co-author of an inquiry on this subject, puts forward an explanation: "This sudden awakening is like a revelation, an evidence, like the fact of seeing it clear, while the second of 'Before everything seemed confused'. She adds: "In English, it is designated by Insight, see from the inside."

Can it be caused?

Most of the time, people are in great pain when they do not understand what is happening to them, "Marty Marandola remarked. This is the case when there are recurring problems: a toxic love, a manipulative leader, A friend who betrays you ... This lack of understanding can be accompanied by a feeling of confinement, in which anxiety and discomfort are mixed: "It is our unconscious that manipulates us," comments the trainer. Of awareness, of understanding and of light in the immensity of this unconscious.This is where the trigger comes in, a sudden and liberating revelation.

The tracks to let go

In the survey conducted by Marthe Marandola and Geneviève Lefèbvre, it appeared to them that it was sometimes a simple word, a reading, an encounter, or a more radical event, such as an accident or a disease, Origin of the click. Whether minor or major, it does not matter, the veil tears and it is then given to see "clear", in the game of someone, or a situation that has lasted too long. >

A simple discussion can have the effect of a real slap, and now you understand that he or she does not love you. A physical shock can change in depth a look at life, its fragility and its term. "Surprising, trivial, or tragic, this trigger, through a game of domino, will bring about a major change" develops Marthe Marandola. Whatever the origin of the click, there is a before and after, often fundamentally different.

The trigger comes after a long and secret germination in the pot of the unconscious "says Marthe Marandola. The human being is thus made that the difficulties, or the trials that meet, will encourage him to find solutions. This is how it will begin an inner journey, which will trigger in the more or less long term, this famous click.It happens most of the time on the occasion of a letting go. , Or the psyche in therapy, there will be a moment of "pause." A renunciation of the illusion of control that one can have about oneself and one's life ... Most of the time without our knowledge.

It is at this moment that the click can take place. It is believed that one abandons, but it is not the case. Our unconscious, much more creative than our rational mind, will take over to find solutions ...

The primary nature of the click is to occur when it is not expected, causing it is not desirable. However, "when we are obsessed with solutions that do not come, it is possible to help the mind to let go" module the formator ... The idea is to "think beside" as advocated by Einstein! It's simple: instead of getting bogged down, we move on. You can, for example, go out and walk, or do the dishes, dance ... The trick is to go from a thoughtful design to the emotional world. Try to be attentive to your feelings: I am sad, or angry ... Other practices like listening to dreams can also give you leads. Finally, any therapeutic approach will orient you towards awareness ...

Whatever the paths you take to try to understand, the Eureka, is often at the end of the road ...

Marthe Marandola also stresses that "The transformation is not magic, it is a beginning and it does not clear the efforts to be provided afterwards". It seems that the quest for oneself is the way of a lifetime, it is undoubtedly what makes it exciting

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