How do AHAs work?

The fruit acids, AHA (abbreviation of the barbaric name of alpha-hydroxy acids) are molecules with multiple effects. Their chemical action aims to remake a new skin.

Eliminate dead skin and stimulate cell renewal

Present in many fruits, sugar cane and green apple, but also in grape, lemon and orange juice, in currants, bitter almonds, honey and fermented milk, AHAs are not New beauty treatments. They were already used under ancient Rome. These are acids with a more or less corrosive effect, the application of which on the skin causes the elimination of dead skin on the surface.

To be really effective, fruit acid based creams should display a sufficient concentration of AHA in acid form. The more these creams are acidic (low pH) and the greater the amount of AHA in acid form, the greater their effectiveness.

Products that meet the AHA effectiveness criteria are found only in pharmacy and parapharmacy. They show a pH between 2 and 4 for an AHA concentration in the acid form of between 4% and 15%. They are prescribed by a doctor because of the high risk of irritation they represent.